Firstly, congratulations on your up and coming nuptials. We here at Nikana Events have created a special package that can be tailored to meet and cater for your special day. We offer a full package from organising your engagement party all the way to your honeymoon. Wedding are time of love and bringing together two to make one. Contact us for the free consultation on how Nikana Events can help you organise this special journey for you and your partner. Again, we wish you all the best on this journey. God Bless you, your journey and your union.


Bringing a child into this world is a blessed thing. Children have a great way of making a house a home, making a family complete. But mums often get so bogged down with first trimester morning sickness, then second trimester excitement and that glow everyone talks about and finally third trimester nesting. All this while trying prepare the nursery buying all the essentials and non-essentials. Figuring how to time your maternity leave. But never having time to organise a day just to share this day with your loved ones. Well Nikana Events can help you do just that. We have a bespoke package that can be tailored to meet just this need. If you require a large extravagant shower or just a small quaint day out with your loved ones, Nikana is here to help. We wish you all the best and pray that God’s grace and mercy shall fall upon both you and your bouncing bundle of joy. Congratulations.


The same way the three wise men brought Jesus gifts to celebrate his birth, is the same way friends and family want to bring you gifts to celebrate your special day. A day that changed the life of your family and ultimately so many others that you would yet meet and inspire. So why not contact Nikana Events to help you organise the celebration of your special day in style. From venue booking right down to the clean-up Nikana Events will ensure that every intricate detail is accounted and catered for. Remain blessed and we pray that you live to experience many more years to fulfil your full potential. Happy Birthday.


Are you an artist wanting to organise a concert to release your new EP or album? Are you a record label who wants to showcase the awesome talents of your artists? Or do you just love music and want to throw something together for close friends and family? Whichever one you are Nikana Events can help. Music brings people together and has the ability to change ones mood instantly, Music is powerful. Let Nikana Events create an ambivalent atmosphere to ensure that your event remains the talking point for days after.


They say charity begins at home, well here at Nikana, planet earth is our home and all its inhabitants are our fellow brethren. Do you have a cause that is close your heart: homelessness, relief aid for those affected by natural disasters, world hunger, children in need. Let Nikana Events help you organise the perfect charity function for free. Whatever the cause Nikana Events is here and willing to help. God bless you for such a selfless act of kindness.


Have you got a new idea or a passion? Do you want to start a business and want help to throw an amazing launch of that business? NIkana Events has a package for you. In the bible it says “Iron sharpens Iron”, this simply means that like minded people, when together, can create great things and inspire one another. Let Nikana Events help you reach the next level in your business venture.


First thing first, well done on completing university. It is not an easy chapter in our lives to overcome. Let Nikana help make this function an easy process for you by ensuring everything is organised and well executed.


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